Cement Board

- Non Combustible 

- Water Resistant

- Mould & Mildew Resistant 

- Durable 

- Termite Free

- Easy to use

- Long Lasting

Why Cement Board?

Cement Board

Cement Board is a technologically-advanced building material that has revolutionized current building practices. It offers superior performance in just about every category when compared to traditional wood, gypsum, and cement-based products. Depending on the intended use of the board, sizes vary in order to facilitate the different applications of the product. 

Cement Board is tough and virtually impervious to fire, as they are non-combustible boards. On the other end of the spectrum, these boards are unaffected by water, mould, mildew, and insects, for example termites.

This building material is extremely tough and maintains its dimensional stability even when wet. In addition, Cement boards have an exceptional bonding surface making them quite versatile, depending on the clients desired use. Omega uses high quality raw materials when manufacturing to ensure the final product performs as it should. Our cement board is manufactured from a unique mix of Mineral Components, and does not contain any toxic ingredients, asbestos formaldehyde, or ammonia.


Cement Board is used primarily as a wallboard alternative to conventional gypsum, plywood, and OSB board. They are easy to work with and can be scored and snapped, sawed, and drilled. Cement Boards can also be used for the following; exterior / interior dry walls, ceilings, eves, and gables, bathrooms, backer board, cupboards & shelving, flooring, panels, and more.