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Top Coat & Base Coat

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Why use PolyROCK Base Coat & Adhesive?

The major issue when using Cement Board (especially on exterior surfaces) is the issue of "Cracking." After many years of using other products on the market with little to zero success, Omega decided to develop its own Joint Compound to be used when joining Cement Board. PolyROCK Base Coat & Adhesive was designed specifically to ensure a strong, crack resistant, and water tight joint. Using PolyROCK Base Coat & Adhesive along with the appropriate width Fiberglass tape, and Control joints, will provide the best long lasting results.

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Why use PolyROCK Top Coat?

PolyRock Top Coat is a finishing compound designed to work specifically with Cement Board. It provides a smooth and level finish when applied correctly, for both interior and exterior applications. Using dry wall compounds or all purpose compounds on cement boards, always fails over time. These compounds most times will not adhere properly, and will not stand up to moisture/weathering. Using PolyROCK Top Coat will provide a tough, long lasting finish, which can easily be sanded and primed when completed.