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Kalmatron Admixture K100® or as we say “K100”, is a liquid form of Kalmatron® KF-A worldwide known as a Concrete Class Upgrading Admixture. K100 acts by four ways after pouring into the concrete batch:


1. As a Water Reducer during of mixing and pumping time;


2. As a Plasticizer during of transportation and placement time;  


3. As a Shrinkage controlling and Curing Compound during of setting time;


4. As a Strength gainer and impermeability performing agent of hardening time.  


5. Rebar Corrosion Inhibiting meeting the requirements of ASTM C1582, which is added to concrete during the batching process. It chemically inhibits the corrosive action of chlorides on reinforcing steel and prestressed strands in concrete.


K100® is dosed by 54 OZ/CY (2 Liters/m3) or 10 OZ per 100 LB (0.7 Liter per 100 Kg) of  cement for any field of the concrete  applications. 


Kalmatron is highly economical per square unit of application even by small purchased volumes.


 К100® is as a concrete class upgrading admixture applicable where concrete, grout, or 

 plaster need to be without shrinkage cracks, efflorescence, and post-hardening deformations, water/vapor proof, and stable to ecological and industrial corrosion (рН<3; salt up to 20%; temperature up to +400°С and - 50°С).     

New Economical Concrete

  • Reduction of cement by 15% to 20% plus elimination of other admixtures.


  • Concrete floors and roads are more economical by 36% per SF on 4th day because of no 

       dilatation cuts, curing and surface installation passes.


  • Foundations, liquid supply canals, sewer, seaport docks, & pools economical by 44% 

       per SF on at 6-th to 14-th day. 


  • Wall panels & blocks, roofs, poles, pillars & decks economical by 30% on 7th day. 


  • Inter-repair terms for sewer, chemical, and agricultural structures are longer by 2 times. 

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