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EPS Concrete Panels

What are EPS Panels?

Omega's composite concrete panels are an alternative form of construction compared to normal brick and mortar. They use two skins of PolyROCK Cement Board on either side, with a light weight EPS cement filled core. These 1m x 2.74m panels are used as exterior or even interior walls. Panels also have a steel frame that runs around its perimeter, adding strength and rigidity. They are joined using a special plaster, and when fully cured, forms an unbreakable bond. This turns the individual panels into one structurally sound wall. Finally, the EPS core of the panel allows it to be light enough to lift, without losing strength. As a result construction time is drastically reduced when compared to traditional building. 

EPS Concrete Panels


Being a fairly new product to this region, people are often hesitant, but are always eager to learn more about building using Panels.  Some persons may have even stayed in a panel house/ apartment when travelling, and would not have even known the difference. Once completed, EPS Panels are identical to traditional builds.


          - Fast Construction                                 - Strong & Built to Last                  

          - Earthquake & Hurricane Resistant          - Non-Combustible & Termite Proof 

          - Low Completed Cost                            - High Quality 

Roof Structure

Roof Trusses are made from Cold Rolled Galvanized Steel, 18ga/1.2mm thick. They are light weight and can easily clear span up to 30 feet/ 9.14m. This allows the interior walls below some freedom when installing. Trusses are pre-assembled before leaving the factory, in order to reduce construction time on site, and insure quality. Roof trusses are all engineered and custom designed to the pertaining job at hand. They tie the walls together and help form and stiffen the structure. Almost in the same fashion as a Ring Beam.  Having supports running from wall to wall over head, also give the direct option of having a place on which to attach furring channel for the ceiling. Once installed, it will last for many years.


Installation of the House is fast, straight froward and requires minimal persons on site. You may use a contractor of your choice to install the system, and training will be provided, or a contractor who has previously worked with the system can also be provided. On completion of the foundation the panels and roof trusses are delivered, with windows and door openings already cut to size. Tracks are then attached to the floor, in order to receive the Wall Panels. Panels may either be put into place by hand or using a Hiab. Once level and straight, braces are put in place until the roof and purlins are installed, tying everything together. Roof Sheeting is then attached, ensuring a dry and cool working environment below. From there, ceilings and eves are attached, while joints are plastered and treated. Once the panels are bolted and plastered the walls are strong, durable, and very low maintenance A final slick coat can then be applied to the walls, to ensure a smooth and quality finish. Plumbing, electrical, doors and windows can now be installed followed by priming.


Once panels are installed and joints treated, a light "slick" coat is then applied to make sure everything is uniform and clean. The panels can then be finished like any other wall, using acrylic latex emulsion, stucco, etc. Once completed the finished house looks no different than a traditionally built home. 


- Deciding what you want

- Come in and meet with us

- Approvals

- Down payment

- Manufacturing components while

   foundation is constructed

- Materials delivered to site

- Installation

- Inspection

- Finishing

PolyROCK Cement Board

PolyROCK Cement Board is a product that has revolutionized current building practices. It is a very versatile product and outperforms plywood, gypsum, and OSB board, in just about every category. As a manufacturer of Cement Boards here in Trinidad, our boards are heavily integrated into our EPS Concrete Panel Housing System. They are mainly used on our panels as facing, but can also be used for ceilings, eves, gables, backer-board, dry-walls, flooring, bathrooms and much more.

Roof Truss
EPS Cement Panels
1500sqf House

Additional Benefits

- Omegas EPS Composite concrete Panels also posses excellent insulation properties, which can help keep your

   home feeling cool and lowering your electrical bill when using Air Conditioners.


- Great for residential, agricultural, and commercial applications but can also be used in almost all building types,       ensuring a higher quality structure and faster construction time.

- Foundations costs can also be reduced as Light weight structures don't require as much material. Decreased

   elevated weight, also provides superior performance in seismic loading.

- Electrical Conduits already in place. Simply pull your wires through.

- No termites

- Affordable and long lasting


Basic Floor Plans

2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 600sf / 56sm

2 bedroom Floor Plan

3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, 904sf / 84sm

3  bedroom Floor Plan

3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, 1120sf / 104sm

3  bedroom Floor Plan
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